This is a collection of random observations that didn't seem to fit anywhere else. Probably way too much detail for anyone to care about, but I like indulging my obsessive side. Walter likes the attention, too. XD


I'll organize this section if it starts getting big, but for now it's all jumbled. Hope you don't mind. ^_~


Walter's weapon of choice is... nothing. He never uses a weapon in his fight with Leon (fists don't count!) and he doesn't even carry a weapon. It's kind of barbaric, making a nice contrast between the "civilized" characters (Leon, Mathias, Rinaldo) and the raw power of a creature that exists outside of human society. As for Joachim, his swords aren't normal weapons, so he doesn't count as a civilized weapon-user in my book. If you've seen me play as Joachim, you know there's nothing civilized about his fighting style. ^_~

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