Vampire Killer provides quality translations and scans for other Castlevania fans.
Simple, easy. That's what this site is. It's what we do. Marfisa is the translator and Rahenna is the image scanner and web boss.

We can't promise constant or even regular updates; translation takes a lot of time, and scanning is limited to items on hand. The gallery is quite large, but doesn't include every Castlevania or Kojima image that's commonly available on the internet. That's because 100% of the images on this site were scanned by me at high quality (usually 150dpi for magazines/text, 300dpi for images), making the image quality far superior to what you'll find elsewhere. If I don't own it, I can't scan it! Though we stress quality over quantity, I guarantee that you'll find at least one image in this gallery that you haven't seen anywhere else!

All we ask is that you do NOT copy the translations or duplicate the entire gallery. See our usage policy for more information.

As of 2014, this site is a static archive.
We are no longer actively updating, but the site will remain online and fully functional.


12.07.18 - Updated the site layout a bit to improve readability. Rewrote some text.

01.29.14 - I was bored, so I made some icons. A-yup. Moved my Walter site/shrine thing over here too.

01.24.14 - I WANT A PRIZE. I finally finished scanning, editing, and thumbnailing all 347 illustrations!! from the Santa Lilio Sangre artbook. I redid everything from the beginning because my old scanner had condensation built up inside, which of course showed up on all the scans and made them terrible. This is all new, done with a new scanner and color corrected in Photoshop, etc etc, so everything is clean and clear!


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