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Old news. Really old in most cases...

Most links on this page DO NOT WORK due to site reorganization. Please navigate the site via the menu above to find the items you are interested in.

2014 updates

01.21.14 - Vampire Killer has moved to its new home @ Not as cool as, I realize, but I'm not renewing that domain this year since we all need to save a few bucks in this economy...

01.07.14 - Time for the yearly update? Haha. I cleaned up the layout a little bit (reduced header size) and spent a lot of time fixing up the inconsistent thumbnail sizes. A couple of the Kojima pages are still jacked, but I'll keep working on those. And yes, I'm working on scanning the Santa Lilio Sangre artbook! I'm up to page 72 now, but I won't be adding the new scans until I fix the thumbnails for the old ones. I'll do a few pages a day until it's all finished. :)

2013 updates

07.16.13 - I got sick of the old layout from *checks* January 2008 (ugh) and thanks to mad CSS skillz, this site has joined modern times. Finally. The content is completely reorganized as well, so hopefully everything is easier to find now. There's still some issues with messed up thumbnails, and I really need to redo the site's folder structure, but this should be MUCH better. (Note to self: sticky footer or BUST)

2012 updates

01.10.12 - Just moved the site to a new server, so there are some missing and wrong size thumbnails since I uploaded from a somewhat old copy of the site. All the images should be there, I'll just have to make new thumbnails. I'll have a new announcement once things are back to normal.

2011 updates

01.30.11 - Wow, it's been almost a year since the last update! Some things are worth waiting for, though... I have the first 24 pages of Kojima Ayami's glorious artbook, Santa Lilio Sangre, scanned in at 300dpi for your drooling pleasure. Visit the new gallery and be sure to check back over the next few weeks to watch it grow. 24 pages down, 176 more to go!

2010 updates

02.23.10 - Nothing to report except that we're still alive - no updates today. I think I've done a pretty good job of hunting down all the Kojima art I can find, and the recent DS games haven't really caught our attention, so we're in a bit of a CV slump. This site will remain static for now.

If you're really missing my superior wit and charming writing style (har har), I do have another CV project in the works - Eternal Night, a character shrine to Walter from Lament.

2009 updates


2008 updates

10.03.08 - Hey, this site isn't abandoned! I've finally added a section for Dracula X Chronicles and uploaded 12 scans to start it off. The images have been crosslisted under artbooks and manuals & boxes as appropriate. Still have to scan the rest of the goodies that came with it, though... Oh, and the layout colors should be okay in IE now - I used tweakPNG to remove some data from the PNG images.

04.15.08 - Happy tax day! Or something. -_- I still haven't scanned the Drac X artbook, but I have nine new images in the Kojima books gallery. All are from the book related to an exhibit in Japan that recently displayed her works. I can't figure out if Yaso is the name of the building, the organization, or what...

01.16.08 - Happy new year! I've been without internet for a while, so I used the downtime to create a NEW layout that reflects my current style (I ♥ CSS) and did a bit of scanning! Added four more images to the Kojima novels & books page. Next up is the Drac X Chronicles artbook and all other materials...

PS - For some reason, the layout colors are accurate in Firefox and slightly dark in IE. I dunno, maybe IE has something against PNGs. I'll convert to GIF tomorrow. Can't do anything about it - color accuracy is completely lost in GIF format. Oh well.

2007 updates

11.18.07 - It's a "new" layout! If you've been coming to this site for a while, you'll recognize it as a recoding of the very first layout this site had, way back in 2005. I've added six more images to the Kojima novels & books page. Lots more to come - I have four more books to scan from, and I'm waiting on my Drac X uber-premium package from Japan.

09.28.07 - Look, it's a REAL update! I added six scans to the Kojima novels & books page and eight to the magazine page. More to come in a month or two; I found six more novels with Kojima covers recently, and I've preordered the Japanese special edition of Dracula X Chronicles so I can be sure of getting the artbook. See you when something arrives!

Oh, hey, this site's second anniversary was last month. Happy birthday to us!

09.14.07 - No site update, just a bit of news on the Japanese version of Drac X Chronicles. There's a bunch of bundles available; the most expensive (9780 yen) includes the soundtrack CD, an artbook, PSP pouch, PSP screen protector, strap (to hook to your PSP, I'd assume), and a B2-sized poster. More info is here. And hot damn, have you seen the video on the game's official site?

PS - Am I a dork for recognizing (and using) the font used on the artbook cover?

07.08.07 - Um, hey guys! I live! There's a tiny update of two new images today: one under magazine scans (June 2007 cover of Play) and one under Portrait of Ruin scans (CD promo mini-poster). Nothing else is in the works right now, sorry - been very busy!

03.27.07 - Yes, I'm still alive, just busy. Added four new scans to the magazine scans (all about the upcoming PSP remake of Rondo!) and two new scans to the Kojima novels & books. I'm running a bit low on CV scannables but I still have at least three Kojima doujinshi stories...

02.03.07 - Holy shit. I need to get a PSP, damnit. First FFTactics, now THIS?
PS - My site must be popular if "big game sites" are stealing images and information from me. *rolls eyes* The Kojima profile on one site makes mention ONLY of tidbits scattered over my galleries of her work.
PPS - 18 new Rondo scans on the guide scans page in honor of the news!

01.17.07 - Happy new year! I added eleven new scans to the Kojima novels & books page. Not much else to report, I've been pretty lazy about this site. I've had several requests for the Color Kingdom 3 scans to be translated, so I'll try and talk Marfisa into it. <3

2006 updates

12.08.06 - Added one more image to the Portrait of Ruin page (plus a couple of artbook scans that I missed the first time, damn sticky pages) and two images to the slightly reorganized magazine page.

12.01.06 - Added a new page for Portrait of Ruin and added 35 scans of the preorder goodies from the US version! It's just a quick, temporary page for now; I'll do it up nice when I fix up the site later this month. And, of course, it's just scans of the goods because the game itself isn't out yet. I KNEW working at a game store would pay off eventually. =p

11.24.06 - I can't believe I haven't updated in over a month. =/ There's two new scans on the magazine page showing a brief article about CV's 20th anniversary and eight Lament scans from various versions of the game on the manual page.

I'm pissed about how disorganized this site is. It's getting hard for me to update because crap is all over the place. Expect changes soon.

Also took down the blurb about the special preorder goodies for Portrait of Ruin since it looks like that offer is all sold out. Hope everyone got their orders sent in time!

10.23.06 - Five new images on the guide page and Lament page since I've finally gotten my grubby mitts on the US guide for the game. Contained three nice Kojima illustrations of Leon I haven't seen elsewhere! As in, not in a physical book. I've seen 'em on the internet in low quality many times and wondered what the heck the source was. Now I know!

10.10.06 - Oops, I forgot to upload that Chronicles guidebook scan I did, oh, three weeks ago. >.> Well, now you can see it on the guide page. Nothing else to report at the moment.

10.06.06 - No real update, just taking down my self-serving eBay links. Thank you to anyone who viewed or bid on the items after seeing the links here. Been busy with work and other things, so it'll be a week or two before I have a real update here.

09.28.06 - Self-serving announcement time. I'm selling a few CV items on eBay. If you're a collector, you might be interested in checking them out.
> CV Adventure for GB (complete)
> CV Legends for GB (complete, import version)
> Dawn of Sorrow promo postcard set

In useful (maybe) news, I just realized today that my DoS postcard was actually postcardS, and that I had two sets of them. Go genius. >.> It also seems that my Lament/Curse clearfile was some sort of lottery prize item that's really rare. Who knew? Scans soon.

PS - Didja see that they tossed the crappy art for Gallery of Labyrinth (Portrait of Ruin)?

09.13.06 - Ginormous update. Added a new section under the Castlevania images for manual & box scans, moved the CV3 scans from miscellaneous to there, and added scans for both GB games. Split the second Kojima scans page into two parts, one for book scans and the other for non-CV game scans, which should make things easier to find.

26 new images total. <3
Plus I made the section headers a lot more pleasant to look at. I <3 CSS.

09.07.06 - Little update. Added four scans to the CV misc page, all from the box/manual of Castlevania III. Oh, and a tiny preview of Portrait from EGM on the magazine page. This site's getting kinda disorganized again...

08.18.06 - Big update! Added over THIRTY images to the Kojima books/misc page, including twelve screenshots from a weird WonderSwan game called Youfu Makai. Hmm, we need more CV updates around here, I'll have to comb through my guidebooks and CDs for more scan fodder...

08.11.06 - Back from vacation! Added six scans to the Kojima books/misc and three to the Castlevania miscellaneous pages (one of which is also on the CoD scans page). Ho hum. I was hoping to be back with more, but as always, life is busy.

07.19.06 - Okay, so obviously I didn't manage an update before my vacation, and I won't be back until early August. However, I'm still hunting new scannables even while I'm away - even if I don't find any, I do have one book to scan from when I return. Excuse all the downtime over the past week; our host has been having hardware problems.

07.02.06 - Added two new scans to the guides and Curse of Darkness pages. Added one book to the ISBN list. More to come this week - I'm going away for a month on the 8th so I'd like to do a decent-sized update before I leave.

06.25.06 - Added three new scans to the Kojima books/misc page. I'm still reorganizing and rewriting text, so if you find any broken links, just check back again in a few minutes.

06.21.06 - New-ish layout; this is cleaner and more professional. I'll be reorganizing content and editing text over the next few days, so if you find any broken links or missing description, just check back after a few minutes. Added two new scans to the Lament of Innocence and miscellaneous pages.

05.31.06 - Fixed the DAMN CONTACT FORM and the missing mp3 linked from the miscellaneous page. Geez, enough errors around here lately? No new content, but I think it's high time for my CoD revisited review. Hmm, I think I'll go work on that now.

05.25.06 - Teeny update - one new image on the Kojima artwork page. (See bottom.)

05.20.06 - Why didn't anyone tell me that the images weren't working? Come on, people, I don't bite THAT hard. >.< I had htaccess on all the image folders to prevent direct linking, but it was configured for the old domain, so it prevented from linking to the files! So it's fixed now, and you can all thank SwB (heh ^_^) for telling me about the problem.

05.12.06 - Z to the OMG. New section for Portrait of Ruin translations plus the first bit of information from the official site! Check it out HERE, there's screenshots and a video. <3

04.28.06 - Holy crap, an update. Added nineteen new images to the Kojima artwork page. And yes, I think I'll keep on pimping the Curse of Darkness promo comic scanlation.

03.13.06 - Added four new images to the miscellaneous scans page. And allow me to continue pimping the Curse of Darkness promo comic scanlation.

03.10.06 - Added the Curse of Darkness promo comic translation. Er, scanlation.

03.03.06 - New top image for March. Finally added fifteen new images to the magazine scans.

02.03.06 - New top image for February, featuring everyone's favorite vampire, the Dracster. Two FIFTEEN new images on the Kojima artwork page, and two new scans in the phonecard gallery. Yeah, I KNOW I promised magazine scans - off to do those NOW!

01.26.06 - Added 13 new magazine scans - crusty old Nintendo Power, anyone? I have at least five more magazines I need to scan from... look for more updates soon!

01.06.06 - Added six new images to the miscellaneous scans page - all the character designs and both sides of the poster from the CoD soundtrack. Two new magazine scans too!

01.02.06 - New top image for January (kinda lame, but I love Joachim, so deal with it!), and a happy new year to you all! Real updates are coming soon... we just moved over 1600 miles so we've been busy unpacking. CoD soundtrack scans by the end of the week, I promise!

2005 updates

12.04.05 - Added 21 new images to the Kojima artwork page. Some are familiar, and some I've never seen before, so check it out! Once again: CoD comic scans here!

12.03.05 - New top image for December. Two new images from the Lament soundtrack added to the misc scans page (Joachim, I love you!), and I'm keeping the link to the Curse of Darkness preorder comic scans on top because I know that's why you're here. ^_^

11.29.05 - Never, EVER say I don't love you guys. Added a new section for the Curse of Darkness preorder comic scans, and one scan to the phonecard page.

11.26.05 - Wow, has it really been ten days since we updated? Erm, I was busy writing Walter on Joachim porn, sorry. Anyway! Updated the magazine scans with eight new images, thanks to an anonymous visitor to this site who sent us three magazines and a game by mail! Thank you VERY much for your contribution! I'll be scanning the other two magazines soon!

11.16.05 - Updated le timeline with info from the new version on the offical Japanese site - in other words, added DoS and CoD to the timeline.

11.12.05 - Another translation update! Introducing the miscellaneous translations page, which will be home to various stuff, mostly things that are suggested to us. And now the menu is officially too long. *eyes it* I'll have to do something about that soon.

11.09.05 - Huge translation update! The LoI Perfect Guide character profiles are done, and here's the official timeline, as found on the Japanese LoI site. Marfisa rules. *smoooooch*

11.08.05 - New musings on Castlevania section for my (Rahenna's) scribbles. Only one thing's there right now; a (pretty much) spoiler-free review of Curse of Darkness. More coming soon.

11.06.05 - Three new images on the magazine scans page. I wasn't going to post them, but since everyone's linking to the "hidden" files anyway, FINE. Have it your way. XD

11.01.05 - New top image. Yeah, that's all for today. Curse of Darkness tomorrow! ZOMG!! _o_

10.29.05 - Added seven new images to the freshly reorganized Kojima artwork page!

10.23.05 - Hello over 7000 visitors. Wow. Added six new images to the other guides page!

10.15.05 - Hello over 6000 visitors. *wave* In celebration, I got up off my butt and did some more scans, this time from a pair of magazines that were laying (lying? I can never get that right!) around the house. Check out the Curse of Darkness goodness here!

10.10.05 - Two new scans - one here and one there. More updates soon, I hope!

10.03.05 - More character information from the Lament of Innocence Perfect Guide - Sara, Elisabetha, and Rinaldo this time. Almost done!

10.01.05 - The updateage continues with a new page of scans from the Dracula X (SotN) artbook! Also added information about two more guide books and one new phonecard. New top image, too... I figure we'll have a new one every month. Walter and his pumpkin-colored hair for October!

09.29.05 - Over 4000 visitors in just over a month, woo! How about some new LoI Perfect Guide translations to celebrate? (Mathias and Walter ^_^)

09.24.05 - Created a page of Kojima Ayami's non-CV artwork... book covers, to be exact! I can't believe over 3500 different people have visited already, this site's been open for less than a month! If I had any measure of artistic talent, I'd draw some sort of cool picture, but since I don't, I added a bunch of stuff to the other guides page instead. Woo!

09.13.05 - Added a few conversations we missed the first time around to the Dawn of Sorrow translations, and added the two pages I forgot to scan from the AoS artbook. Gah.

09.11.05 - Added tons of scans to the LoI guides and created the HoD guide page.

09.09.05 - The Dawn of Sorrow translations are FINISHED! (Well, almost. It seems like we missed one conversation near the beginning. Will redo once I can start a new game - our save slots are full for now!) For the main game, anyway. We're still playing the, er, extra mode. ^_^

09.07.05 - More scenes and some goodies added to the Dawn of Sorrow translations. Almost done!

09.06.05 - Added eleven MORE bits of goodness to the Dawn of Sorrow translations. We're all caught up, so it'll be a while before we add more. Damn medusa heads. >.<

09.05.05 - Added TEN scenes to the Dawn of Sorrow translations. <(''<) ... (>'')>

09.04.05 - Added two new scenes to the Dawn of Sorrow translations. F33r t3h updat3ag3!

09.03.05 - WTF? I just made the counter, why does it keep going up? IS SOMEONE THERE???

09.02.05 - Added two scenes to the Dawn of Sorrow translations.

08.27.05 - This website was born. All scans sections are up; translations are coming soon!