Santa Lilio Sangre - Scarlet Lily

Kojima's first official artbook was released on November 25, 2010 - about freakin' time, right? This gorgeous, heavy hardcover was worth the wait! It has 200 thick, glossy pages, many of which feature multiple illustrations, pushing the artwork count in this book to almost 350 illustrations! Even better, well over half of the art in this book is completely new to me, including some of the Castlevania images, which makes it a delicious treat for fans of both Kojima and the games.

NOTICE: This artbook features many graphic and potentially disturbing images. Nudity, violence, blood, horror, etc.

This book is still in print (as of January 2014) - you can get it on Amazon Japan if you use a shopping service like From Japan.

scan & usage information

I'm usually not a whore about watermarks and stuff like that, but since I literally destroyed an expensive book in order to scan it, AND spent a huge amount of time touching up the images, all scans are marked. If you need a clean copy of any scan, you can contact me with your request. Some of these scans can be found elsewhere on this site, so please check the rest of the galleries before making a request. This is the only one with marked scans.

These scans are not to be submitted to other galleries or archived elsewhere.
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This artbook is too large to display everything on one page. Use the links below to access all the different illustrations.

Castlevania (001-054) | color (001-048) | color (049-096) | color (097-134)
black & white (001-054) | black & white (055-108) | black & white (109-159)