novel covers & illustrations

Though Kojima is most famous (in places other than Japan, at least) for her work on the Castlevania series, she's created cover artwork for many novels, and has even done some black and white interior illustrations for some. Her artwork has also been featured in several art technique magazines, as you'll see below.

This section showcases artwork from the comparatively small collection of books I've been able to assemble (she's worked on TONS more), plus a few miscellaneous illustrations.

majin series

Here's the covers and the black and white illustrations found in the novels of the Majin series by Kikuchi Hideyuki, who is better known as the creator of Vampire Hunter D.

volume one:

volume two:

volume three:

ranken series

A set of two novels by Kikuchi Hideyuki. I've only scanned the covers for the moment, but there's lots of interior illustrations in both books that I'll add later on.

yig series

Here's scans from the two YIG (pronounced just "ig" for some odd reason) novels, also by Kikuchi Hideyuki. There are several black and white interior illustrations in each book; they follow the color covers.

youmaki series

More novels by Kikuchi Hideyuki! This time, there's no interior artwork. Boo.

nobunaga's ambition novel

A novelization of one of the many Nobunaga's Ambition historical-ish strategy war games by Koei.

cluster saga

Cover illustrations for the three novels in the Cluster Saga series by Piers Anthony. The Japanese translation, naturally. Seriously, the US covers weren't half as cool. *pout*


Cover and interior illustrations from an "aesthetic novel" titled Ranryouou, which appears to be about 200 pages of nothing but crazy mansex. No, I'm not making this up. The images are a little suggestive, so proceed with caution if you get squicked out easily.

silver requiem

Another one of those male/male "love" stories - you know, the "I'll rape you till you love me" kind. So watch out for sorta-gay images. Anyway, the cover is pretty, and there's an extra color page right inside the front cover.

other covers

01 :: another novel cover
02 :: cover of an "aesthetic romance" novel, Alexandrite, which is apparently about a hermaphrodite who gets raped a lot by several guys. Fo' serious.
03 :: cover of Hunting the Shadow by Kikuchi Hideyuki
04 :: cover of Blue Runner by Kikuchi Hideyuki