Kojima's art has been featured in a few art magazines, and some of them even include pictures of a work in progress as each step is completed. It's a nice look at an artist's process.

color kingdom 3

It seems that this Color Kingdom series of books was made to show art techniques used by various popular manga and game artists. Kojima's art was featured on the cover of volume three, and she's the first artist to appear in the book. There's a ten page article that includes several illustrations, an interview, and, of course, lots of closeups of the master at work!

I've also scanned the coloring book pages from the back, so you too can create a thrilling masterpiece!

comickers volume 23

Similiar to the Color Kingdom book shown above, this magazine showcases artwork by various artists, featuring interviews with some and in-depth information about coloring techniques used by others. Some non-Japanese comic artists are featured in this magazine (Neil Gaiman, Simon Bisley, Mike Mignola), which is quite rare.

Anyway, Kojima's section is an interview this time, so I've only scanned the illustration pages (there were no illustrations mixed in with the text). Apparently she loves artsy, creepy films and surgery. Explains a lot, doesn't it?

comickers volume 25

Like the other Comickers book, this also includes an interview with Kojima. Some of her art was exhibited in July 2000 alongside the works of Kusanagi Takuhito (view some here). I've only scanned one of the five artwork images (the rest are already on the site, and larger) and the photo of Kojima herself.

yaso vampire

This is a lovely 200 page book from a vampire exhibit in Japan that was showing from December 2007 to May 2008. Kojima was one of the featured artists; her works were on display from March 7-31, 2008. Here's nine new (to me, at least) illustrations from the book.

other illustrations

01 :: a phonecard for a game by Koei
02 :: cover of a doujinshi magazine, Rose Cult 5
03 :: illustration from doujinshi notepad (same as Rose Cult 6 cover, Cupid's face only)
04 :: doujinshi phonecard
05 :: cover of a doujinshi magazine, Rose Cult 6 (warning! male/male sexual content!)
06 :: page from volume 12 of Mandarake Live