curse of darkness

I thought this game was really awesome when it first came out, and even through the majority of my first playthrough, but man... after replaying the entire game in about a week so a friend could see all the cutscenes, I wanted to kill myself.

Anyone who thought Lament was crappy and repetitive with a replay value of negative zero BUT thought Curse was an improvement should really compare a little more carefully. Lament's environments, while repetitive, are gorgeous in comparison. No, really, troll around the Pagoda in Lament for a while, check out all the pretty stained glass and Celtic-y flavored carpeting, then take a look at Dracula's boxy ass prison/castle in Curse. Blech.

That said, the English language voice acting in Curse was much better than Lament's, and, y'know... every girl loves Isaac. And Trevor was respectably badass. And hey, the story was decent until it copped out at the end. *shoots Julia in the face*

preorder comic

The preorder version of Curse of Darkness came with a sampler CD (with only four tracks, grr) and a CD booklet sized comic by series illustrator Kojima Ayami.

You can read a translated version here.

Santa Lilio Sangre - Scarlet Lily

These illustrations are from Kojima Ayami's massive artbook, Santa Lilio Sangre. Mostly repeats but I'm including them here for the sake of completeness in cross-referencing the scans on this site.

I generally do not watermark images, but since I literally destroyed an expensive book to get these scans, they are marked.

play :: february 2005

Images scanned from the Curse of Darkness preview. Sorry, no full pages on this one!

hardcore gamer magazine :: july 2005

Click each thumbnail to see the full sized image. Be warned, all of these are HUGE files!

play :: november 2005

A nice review and interview with IGA.


These are scans of authentic telephone cards from Japan. They're made of thin plastic with the image on the frontside and information on using the card on the back. Almost all of the Castlevania phonecards I've seen are promotional items, usually obtained by preordering a game from a specific store or something like that. You'll notice that most of these have a little box that says NOT FOR SALE; these are the promo cards.

cd booklets

Scans from the official soundtrack CD booklet. Nice character design sketches!

official guide complete edition

Not much to say here. Same old character design stuff.


A cheesy magazine ad for Curse of Darkness, a detailed scan of the Devil Forgemaster symbol/crest, and an image that was repeated in the Portrait of Ruin US preorder artbook.