dracula x chronicles

The long awaited release of Rondo of Blood in English has finally arrived on the PSP. As usual, there were fun bonus packages available for purchase along with the Japanese version of the game, the largest of which included a poster, soundtrack, hardcover artbook, cell phone strap, PSP case, and PSP screen protector. For now, I have some scans of the artbook and the PSP case insert from the US version.

konamistyle artbook

My book arrived with half the pages falling out thanks to a huge split in the middle of the spine. Thanks Konami! It did make some of the pages easier to scan, and I felt less guilty about bending the hell out of the artbook since it was already messed up.

I didn't scan the Symphony of the Night art because it's already up on this site. Note that scans 03 and 04 are at 600dpi instead of 300dpi (er, oops) and scan 09 isn't the best job of piecing scans together that I've ever done. It's only a bit of Annette's wing, though, so no biggie. By the way, vampire Annette is super hot. :9

Santa Lilio Sangre - Scarlet Lily

These illustrations are from Kojima Ayami's massive artbook, Santa Lilio Sangre. They're all duplicates of stuff already in the Konamistyle preorder book, but I'm including them here for the sake of completeness in cross-referencing the scans on this site.

I generally do not watermark images, but since I literally destroyed an expensive book to get these scans, they are marked.

magazine scans

Nice long article from Play Magazine about Dracula X Chronicles, including an interview with IGA, who seriously needs a haircut. And a one-pager from Game Informer.

us psp insert

Just the front and the back of the insert for the US version of the PSP game.