other games

The holding ground for games that don't have enough images to warrant their own page. These are from a variety of sources and are not really sorted or identified well, but hopefully they are still interesting.

Any images from Kojima Ayami's artbook Santa Lilio Sangre have a large watermark on them. I generally do not watermark images, but since I literally destroyed an expensive book to get these scans, they are marked.

Yes, there's a crapton of repeat images here. The same images appeared in several different books/magazines/etc, and since I scanned them all, I figure I'll show them all here too. The quality and colors differ slightly, so I guess it's still kind of interesting.

Castlevania (general)

I suppose you could make a case for these being Leon Belmont and Mathias/Drac, and thus being Lament of Innocence illustrations, but I don't think that was the intent, so these scans live here for now.

Circle of the Moon

Harmony of Dissonance

Castlevania Chronicles