symphony of the night

What can I say about this game that hasn't already been said?


Ah, Alucard. There's just something about him that makes your girlfriend sigh. Yeah, I'm feeling that pain too. Anyway, this is the mini, CD booklet sized artbook that came with the special edition (or maybe the first printing) of the Japanese Playstation version of Symphony of the Night. Also came with a sexy sampler CD, but that's another story...

Santa Lilio Sangre - Scarlet Lily - Castlevania illustrations

These illustrations are from Kojima Ayami's massive artbook, Santa Lilio Sangre. Mostly repeats but I'm including them here for the sake of completeness in cross-referencing the scans on this site.

I generally do not watermark images, but since I literally destroyed an expensive book to get these scans, they are marked.

portrait of ruin artbook

Mini artbook! It's nice and fat but kinda small, like the size of a DVD case. These scans are horrible, and I apologize... they were done with my old scanner, which had some condensation inside that's clearly visible on dark areas of the scans. I'll replace these as soon as I can. Which means as soon as I find my artbook. Sigh.

Aria of Sorrow preorder artbook

Ah, the infamous Aria of Sorrow artbook. How does one obtain such a treasure? These days, buying it from a Japanese auction site is the only answer, but this book was originally given out as a standard preorder bonus.

guide book

Nothing really NEW, but I like the layout of the pages, and maybe we'll translate that character info...


These are scans of authentic telephone cards from Japan. They're made of thin plastic with the image on the frontside and information on using the card on the back. Almost all of the Castlevania phonecards I've seen are promotional items, usually obtained by preordering a game from a specific store or something like that. You'll notice that most of these have a little box that says NOT FOR SALE; these are the promo cards.