manuals & boxes

Scans from game manuals and boxes, in order from oldest to newest game. I'm limiting this section to the older games and imports, at least to start, since it's likely that more people have already seen (or own) the newer US/Europe game materials.

castlevania adventure

The front and back of the box, plus the complete manual from the US version of the old Game Boy game.

castlevania iii

A few box and manual scans from the US release of Castlevania III.

castlevania legends

The entire manual (more or less, I skipped a page of copyright info and the back cover) from the Japanese version of the Game Boy game. Lotsa cheesy cartoony pictures of Sonia and Alucard, my favorite!

lament of innocence

A mishmash of scans. The first row shows the manual cover, case, and some inserts of jpop singer Sonim dressed as Leon from the Japanese version, and the second row is the case insert and two manual pages from the US version.

dracula x chronicles

Just the front and the back of the insert for the US version of the PSP game.