Various items that don't fit in any other category, but are still well worth scanning!

cd booklets

The first six are from the Curse of Darkness soundtrack; the next two, from Aria/Dawn of Sorrow; the last two, Lament of Innocence. For the Lament CD pics, I'm pretty sure the one of Joachim was new for the CD - the way it's colored reminds me of these CoD designs - and it is gorgeous!

phonecard scans

These are scans of authentic telephone cards from Japan. They're made of thin plastic with the image on the frontside and information on using the card on the back. Almost all of the Castlevania phonecards I've seen are promotional items, usually obtained by preordering a game from a specific store or something like that. You'll notice that most of these have a little box that says NOT FOR SALE; these are the promo cards.

I'm quite aware that scan 10 is hideous; however, it's amazing this card was able to be scanned at all since it's made of gold foil. Thanks, Marfisa. ^_^

promotional items

Cool rare stuff. Hover over the thumbnails for a moment to see exactly what each item is. The scans of the autograph boards are purposely small (100dpi) and watermarked to prevent misuse - they is MINE, suckers!


Three doujinshi stationery sheets illustrated by Takano Kei. Please don't use these to make a layout or anything, as they are fanart and NOT created by me. It's bad enough that I have the images here to begin with.

The last image is the Devil Forgemaster symbol from Curse of Darkness.