usage policy

Just a bit of information about how the stuff on this site can and cannot be used. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Our translation policy is simple:

Translations MAY NOT be retranslated into other languages and/or posted elsewhere.

Respect Marfisa's work; LINK to it. Why? Marfisa's translation is a reflection of her individual style. She will not give permission for her work to be used elsewhere or translated into other languages. If you are interested in having a translation in your own language, please translate it yourself from the original Japanese; this will ensure the greatest accuracy, as well.

Please do not ask us to make exceptions, we are FIRM on this.

The ONLY other site that has permission to host the DoS translation is NO other site has permission to use the ANY of the other translations.


Like images? Me too. Do whatever you want with them on a personal basis... make layouts, avatars, signatures, whatever. You don't need to ask me for permission, just have fun with them, that's why I scanned all this stuff. If you'd like to link to us so other people can find giant Castlevania images, that would be cool, but it's not required.

If you would like to add any of these images YOUR gallery, please follow these rules:
- take no more than ten images total
- give credit on the same page the images appear on, preferably with a link button

- CoD promo comic scanlation - It's a translation. Back off.
- autograph boards - They're mine. If you need a signature, buy your own.
- doujinshi stationery - NOT mine, used without permission. Don't duplicate my crime.

Please note: Scans are provided for your personal use only. Do not submit them to other galleries. This site is on the AnimePaper banlist; posting my scans could result in loss of upload capabilities.

Oh, and don't use any of the images to sell stuff on eBay (phonecards, artbooks, etc) that you don't actually own. Because, you know, that's really pathetic.