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Sure, the game is available in English, but has anyone translated the character information that's in the LoI "perfect guide" book? Did you know that Leon became a knight at the age of 16 and that Mathias is the one who suggested to Walter that he kidnap Sara? No. That's what we're here for.

We'll also throw in stuff from other guidebooks, the official website, and the game itself. Hey, just because it's already translated doesn't mean it's 100% accurate.

from the perfect guide

Leon Belmont:
A hot blooded man who adheres to justice befitting a knight. 22 years old. He is a man who acts as if he wants to be known as strongest among knights. He became a knight at 16, soon after distinguishing himself. Because he has lived so long as a knight, he is always calm even in battle with monsters. He is also skilled in the use of weapons. He lost both his parents when he was young and he has few relatives. His fiancee Sara is more important to him than anything.

An incident occurs in which Sara is kidnapped by the vampire Walter. In order to rescue Sara, he discards his title and goes into Walter's castle alone.

After the mortal combat, he decides that the Belmont clan should hunt the night. From then on, the legend of the vampire hunters begins.

Though Leon is famous as a knight, he is unconcerned with fame and has a sociable attitude.

Mathias Cronqvist:
Leon's good friend. 32 years old. In the world of knights who lack education, he's a genius tactician who is even called Cronqvist the Wise. Because Mathias' family has books recording secret arts transmitted orally concerning alchemy, a science that experiments with the arcane, Mathias himself has a detailed knowledge of alchemy.

His beloved wife, Elisabetha, died from illness while he was on an expedition. In deep mourning, Mathias devised a plan to take revenge on God for stealing Elisabetha by becoming a vampire and living eternally. He used Leon, Rinaldo, Sara, and even Walter and his monsters, and using the Crimson Stone and a vampire's soul, he was reborn. Later, he named himself Dracula from "dracul" a word meaning dragon and devil.

Walter Bernhard:
A vampire of unknown age who settled in the bordering forest, no one is sure since when. His demonic power is enormous and he has the power to make it eternally night in the forest under his control by means of the Ebony Stone. He is a dangerous hedonist who likes thrilling games because he has eternal life, but his manner is stubbornly refined.

He met Mathias when he decided to enjoy a life risking game as usual. On Mathias' advice, he kidnapped Sara, dragging Leon onto the game's stage. But even Walter didn't realize he was being used as part of Mathias' plan until the end, and his soul was stolen.

Sara Trantoul:
A merchant's daughter who is Leon's fiancee. 18 years old. She is a sweet and beautiful girl who extends a helping hand to anyone in spite of being wealthy. She is modest but has a strong heart.

On the day she was to be married to Leon, she was kidnapped by the vampire. She was rescued by Leon, but her body had been contaminated by the vampire. Even though Sara felt grief that she was going to lose her human heart, her wish was to be of help to Leon and others. So in order to defeat the vampire, she made a pact of her soul and blood with Leon.

Elisabetha Cronqvist:
Mathias' gentle and pure wife. She died of an illness while Mathias was on an expedition. She was anxious about her husband until the very end.

Rinaldo Gandolfi:
A mysterious alchemist who lives near the vampire's castle. He's 48 years old, but he calls himself a "senile old man". He takes an aloof attitude but at heart he's a kind and gentle person. He gave Leon a whip made with alchemy. He's also an old acquaintance of Mathias.

Five years ago, his wife and son were slaughtered by his daughter, who was turned into a vampire by Walter. Gathering the essence of alchemy, Rinaldo made a whip, and used that whip to defeat his daughter who was no longer human. Because of this, he has a deep hatred of Walter and he challenged him to a fight. Realizing his strength was to no avail, he helps tough young men like Leon.

A voluptuous demon. With the power of transformation, she changes into the person important to her victim and lures them into a fight. It seems she likes Leon's looks.

Joachim Armster:
A young man who was turned into a vampire by Walter. Because he rebelled, he is imprisoned underground. He has an intense desire for revenge against Walter. He usually takes a haughty attitude and disdains humans.

A monster out of legend that has eyes that can petrify. Innumerable snakes slither on its giant head. Its hobby is turning its chosen victim into a statue to enjoy.

The hunter of souls. Pledged absolute loyalty to Mathias who became the master of the crimson stone.

from the offical website

Basic character descriptions; nothing fancy. But now we know for sure that Walter turned Joachim and all that good stuff, so he actually does have a reason for wanting to kick Walter's ass. Whee.

Joachim Armster:
A human who was made into a vampire by Walter. He harbors the ambition to defeat Walter and become the master of the castle. He freely wields five swords through great psychic power.

Walter Bernhard:
The vampire who controls the forest called Eternal Night. His origin and his age are not clear. To distract himself from the boredom of eternal life, he enjoys playing life and death games with brave humans. To raise the stakes of the game, in order to make the human be interested, he steals that which is most precious from his target.