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Translations of other random stuff, usually done by request. No, we don't take requests, nor do we operate on any sort of set schedule, but we do take suggestions! After all, it would be best to translate things that other people would like to see, right?

super castlevania 4 prologue

Once every hundred years, when the strength of this world is weakened, the demon lord is revived by the prayers of humans with evil hearts.

Many times in the past, the demon lord has revived in this world in all manner of forms. But the demon lord's ambition to cover the whole world with a cloud of darkness and rule a world of night has been crushed by the heroic Belmont clan.

In the hundred years since the demon lord was destroyed in the fight with the Belmonts and banished from the human world, the drought in Transylvania has continued and a shadow has fallen over its former prosperity....

One day, an evil thudercloud covered a town, and a single flash of lightning pierced the silence. At that moment, the strongest demon lord to ever wield the power of darkness returned to this world along with a strong demon army.

A young man named Simon, who was descended from the Belmont clan, swore to free the human world from this crisis. Though worried about the odds he faced, he took up a whip with mysterious powers inherited from his ancestors and went into the demon's castle....

translation notes
The prologue to this game is different in English because of space/time constraints - having to fit an equal amount of text into an equal amount of time, though Japanese is naturally more information-dense due to the writing system. This one is for kupomogli of the CV Dungeon message board!

portrait of ruin : e3 press release

From the staff of "Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow" which won "Best Graphics" for a DS/GBA game and was rated "Best Game of the Year" for DS by "Nintendo Power", the largest Nintendo official magazine in North America, comes the second game in the series for DS!

In 1944... at the height of WWII, the demon castle revives once again!
Jonathan Morris, who inherited the legendary whip "Vampire Killer", and his childhood friend, the witch Charlotte Orlean set out together to seal the revived castle. But twin vampire women appear to block their path! Jonathan and Charlotte must help each other to overcome many trials!!

Included is a new system where the player can use both Jonathan and Charlotte, at times fighting cooperatively to continue!

This game inherits the popular dual screen "exploration map" utilized by the previous game, making it possible to continue exploring easily.

Many more outdoor stages have been added to the confined space within the castle that has been the setting of the series until now. It's now a game that arouses the player's curiosity to explore.

It's a game that fans have been waiting for, befitting the 20th anniversary of the Castlevania series!!

translation notes
Ganked from the official site and translated. Not much to say here.