castlevania timeline translations

Translations of stuff related to the official timeline. Or IGA-approved timeline, depending on how you feel about the changes he made. Either way, here it is.

image and notes

Image yoinked from the Japanese Lament of Innocence site and reworked in English:
Castlevania timeline - English version

Updates and additions to the original graphic:
1094 - ? was replaced with Mathias Cronqvist, as he is officially Dracula.
1479 - Added Hector on the line between good and evil. So to speak.
2035 - Added Genya Arikado and connected him to Alucard. Placed Soma on the dividing line.

All these are changes found on the updated timeline on the official Japanese Akumajou Dracula site, except the addition of Arikado. Poor guy got left out.

Now, on the original timeline, you could click on the dates (in the yellow boxes) and get a popup with information about the important events of that year. Below are Marfisa's translations of those popups. (Or in the case of 1479 and 2036, the information from the updated timeline.) Note that for ease of reading, the US names of the games were used.


The episode that describes the beginnings of the Belmont clan, the mysterious whip Vampire Killer, and Dracula. Leon Belmont is admired as the strongest knight, but his fate takes a great turn when his fiancee is abducted. The stage of the battle is the vampire's castle which towers over the forest called "Eternal Night". Wielding a whip given to him by the alchemist Rinaldo Gandolfi, Leon challenges the lord of the castle, Walter Bernhard. But a great tragedy awaits him there.
Game - PS2 "Castlevania: Lament of Innocence"

Dark Age Europe. Count Dracula has begun his extermination of mankind. Convinced that the count is a vampire, the Eastern Orthodox Church dispatched a punitive force that failed. They send a request for a legitimate descendant of vampire hunters, Ralph (Trevor) Belmont, to subdue the vampire. Along with the people he meets during the battle, Grant DaNasty, Sypha Belnades, and Dracula's son Alucard, he is successful in destroying the count. The Belmont clan which had been loathed because of its great power is begun to be seen as heroes.
Game - NES "Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse"

Three years have passed since Ralph (Trevor) C. Belmont destroyed Dracula. During the time when all of Europe was in chaos from the curse Dracula cast when he was destroyed, there was a man who lost his dearest love due to a witch hunt. That man's name was Hector. He was once one of Dracula's strongest soldiers, known as a Devil Forgemaster.... But three years ago he betrayed Dracula and broke away. Realizing the death of his lover was the work of his old friend, Isaac, he returns to his home, Wallachia, for revenge.
Game - PS2 "Castlevania: Curse of Darkness"

Dracula, who should have been destroyed, was resurrected. (There is a rumor that the Bartley family was involved with his resurrection.) It was Christopher Belmont who stood up to the revived Count Dracula. After that resurrection, the legend was born that the demon lord revives once every hundred years. At the end of the fierce battle, Christopher watched Count Dracula appear to go back to sleep, but it was merely a prelude to further nightmares.
Game - GB "The Castlevania Adventure"

Count Dracula was not destroyed. Though his body was lost, his soul remained in this world. And so to regain his body and have revenge on the Belmonts, he waited for Christopher's son, Soleiyu, to become 15 and tried to use him to achieve his ambitions.
Game - GB "Castlevania 2: Belmont's Revenge"

Summoned by evil people, Count Dracula revives for the second time. Through the actions of Simon Belmont, Count Dracula is put to sleep for the third time. His actions become well known and he becomes an even more famous hero.
Game - NES "Castlevania", PS "Castlevania Chronicles"

It has been 7 years since Simon Belmont destroyed Dracula. The count was not simply destroyed. Before he died, he placed a curse on Simon that consumed his body. And when the curse completely consumes Simon, Count Dracula will be revived. Unless he gathers the 5 fragments of Count Dracula that have appeared scattered across the land and breaks the curse, it can't be prevented. Ignoring the consumption of his body, Simon proceeds to fight once again.
Game - NES "Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest"

On the day when 50 years have passed since Simon's battle, a mysterious castle appears. Is it Dracula's castle? In order to rescue his childhood friend Lydie who was kidnapped, Juste Belmont and his close friend, Maxim Kishine, enter the castle. At the end of a heroic battle, the false Dracula's castle disappears.
Game - GBA "Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance"

Summoned by the dark priest Shaft, Count Dracula revives. Richter Belmont and Maria Renard, a girl he rescued from the castle, destroy Count Dracula. Afterward, Maria is adopted into the Belmont family.
Game - PC Engine "Dracula X: Rondo of Blood", SNES "Castlevania: Dracula X"

Shaft was not destroyed and he placed a spell on Richter who was exhausted from the battle with Count Dracula 5 years before. Through that spell he controlled Richter, using his power, and planned to make Richter revive the count again.
When the fated hunter was lost, Count Dracula's son Alucard, who had once fought with Ralph (Trevor), awoke from what should have been an eternal sleep. Through his actions the resurrection of Count Dracula was prevented. After the battle, the Vampire Killer was handed over to the Morris family. But the true intention was unclear.
Game - PS "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night"

Quincy Morris, who is descended from the Belmont family, subdues Count Dracula.
Game - none (from the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker)

1917 [was 1914]
At the outbreak of WWI, Elizabeth Bartley, who called herself Count Dracula's niece, schemed to revive the count (She caused the war to collect human souls from all over Europe in order to revive the count.) but she was destroyed in the fight with Quincy's son Johnny and his close friend Eric Lecarde.
Game - Genesis "Castlevania: Bloodlines"

In July 1999, the fearsome king prophesized by Nostradamus appeared. Yes, the fearsome king meant the demon lord Dracula.
Gaining the Vampire Killer, which had once again returned returned to the legitimate Belmont family, Julius Belmont, with the help of his friends, freed Count Dracula from his cycle of rebirth. At that time, Count Dracula was completely destroyed.
Game - none

Count Dracula, who supposed to be completely destroyed, was predicted to revive again. And so Dracula's castle appeared, what was supposed to be sealed in a solar eclipse. A high school student Soma Cruz along with his childhood friend Mina Hakuba were trapped in Dracula's castle. There, Soma discovered the power to control the souls of monsters and guided by a mysterious man, Genya Arikado, headed for the throne room of the castle in order to escape. But there, a terrible truth came to light.
Game - GBA "Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow"

It has been one year since the uproar about Dracula in the eclipse. Soma Cruz is at peace. But aiming to take his life, cult founder Celia Fortner attacked Soma in broad daylight. In order to avoid that somehow and afraid to involve Mina, Soma enters the cult compound alone. With that, Celia began her plan for the advent of a new Demon Lord. By taking the life of Soma, who inherited the soul of the Demon Lord, she would create a new Demon Lord.
Game - NDS "Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow"