game guides

A bunch of random scans from various guidebooks, mostly character design images. More images coming soon. *cracks book spines* Mmm, yeah.

rondo of blood

The entirety of a furoku (bonus, promo) booklet included with PC Engine Fan magazine back in November 1993. This is only part one of the guide; I'd assume that the second part was included in the December issue, but I don't own it, so nyah. Covers stages 1-4 in depth.

The cover is shown at 300dpi; the rest of the pages are 150dpi for the sake of readability.

Also, what the hell is that thing behind Richter on the cover? Doesn't it look kind of... inappropriate? (Haha, now you can't unsee it!)

symphony of the night

Nothing really NEW, but I like the layout of the pages, and maybe we'll translate that character info...


Not much to say, these illustrations are available in other books, but here they are anyway.

circle of the moon

I don't like this book much, it has a funny, kind of oily smell because of the ink that was used for printing. Pages are kind of flimsy, too... maybe that's the problem.

harmony of dissonance

A few choice scans from the Harmony of Dissonance guide books.

aria of sorrow

More character design pages. Pretty sure you've seen these all before, but I still like them.

lament of innocence : perfect guide

The Perfect Guide is undeniably the best Lament guidebook available. Most Japanese guidebooks avoid spoilers; this one dives right in and hacks up all of the important information (the other two don't even mention that Joachim is a playable character, bah!).

The best part of this book, though, is the character information section in the back. I believe this is the only book to feature the illustration of Mathias in his vampire outfit, and the character descriptions are quite detailed. (See the Lament translations for those. ^_^)

lament of innocence : complete guide

This book is pretty cool! I love the negative image on the cover and the foldout poster that lists all the games and the major events of the timeline. And the character information with AGES! Walter's supposed to be 42? Damn sexy for his age, I'd say... <3

lament of innocence : official guide

Same old, same old, but I scanned it anyway. ^_^

lament of innocence : bradygames guide

Excuse the poor scans, but this is one of those cruddy domestic guidebooks which is no better quality than a regular magazine. *huff* But it DOES have several illustrations I've been trying to hunt down for ages! A steal at $6, shipping included. *grin*

PS - Second image, OMG, Leon's luscious manthighs may rival Hector's! Wow. *stare*

dawn of sorrow

Another funny-smelling book! Cover and character designs from the Dawn of Sorrow guide.

curse of darkness : official guide complete edition

Not much to say here. Same old character design stuff.